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About 3-8 times per school year, someone who knows I am a high school librarian asks me “What do you do?” To the layperson, this is a legitimate question. Seldom is it asked with any mischievous or malicious intent. It is usually asked out of simple curiosity. Kids see that I am busy, running around, teaching, but they do wonder what it is that keeps me so busy all the time.

There is a relationship between this post and its title. I am developing a podcast “plan” for next year. I have experimented in podcasting for the past year with utterly fruitless results. I have a few recordings linked to my website, one in the iTunes Music Store (Bibliocasts), almost everything on my YouTube channel, but no one cares about them – not even me. I don’t think anyone has actually ever downloaded one. But next year, I will record ten podcasts – one per month during the school year. And I am hoping that someone might be interested in listening to them.

So as I ponder about the purpose and marketability of my podcasting project, I wonder if I should address this persistent, gnawing question: “What do I, as a high school librarian, do?”

The format is going to go something like this:

Max 20 minute sessions

  1. Intro
  2. Greetings and thanks
  3. News/updates/housekeeping (include library chat events – that’s our book group)
  4. Discussion of monthly poll
  5. Featured new materials
  6. Research tip
  7. Student interview
  8. Topic of the month – this is where I might focus on “What does a high school librarian do?”
  9. Read email/blog comments
  10. Outro

So I write this post to invite feedback.

From students, parents, faculty: What do you want to know about a high school librarian’s job?

From fellow librarians: What do librarians want students to know about being a librarian?

That’s it. This is a short one. 






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I am the head librarian at New Canaan High School in New Canaan, Connecticut. I have been an educator since 1990, starting in Brooklyn, NY, then teaching social studies for six years in Bridgeport, CT and finally landing in New Canaan in 2001 as a librarian. I live in Westport, CT with my husband of twenty years and our sixteen year old daughter.

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